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Your Clients Are the Point

Put Their Credit on Steroids!

Regal Credit Management partners with business management firms, accounting firms, financial planners, wealth advisors, and others who act as agents for high profile and high net worth individuals, in order to develop better credit and manage credit growth. This allows your client – the end user – to put more money into investments at better rates, with fewer barriers to growth.


Regal helps you make more money.

You’re paid by the assets under your management. Increase the net worth of your clients. Clients with better credit scores pay less for everything and so have more wealth to invest. With worse scores, they pay more or don’t get investment loans; then they pull money from investments, which can impact your bottom line.
We worry about protecting your clients’ credit so you don’t have to. That means less work when it’s time to utilize the credit profile.
You need to close every lead that comes your way. Clients need proper credit to close the transaction. Credit repair can do that by removing late payment blemishes and ensuring the credit score they need to have.
Likewise, credit development can help leads that don’t have *enough* credit established (recent immigrant, recent celebrity, etc). That keeps your pipeline full – you never have to turn away prospective clients.
You keep clients active and become the central point of contact for broader financial issues. When your HNW individuals go to borrow money, they see higher interest if their credit isn’t optimal.
High maintenance clients or clients with special circumstances–messy divorces, inheritance issues, no credit history–need special attention we can provide.

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“Regal’s Mission is to Ensure YOUR Clients Remain Yours, Remain Happy, and Remain Invested”

—Anthony Davenport, CEO of Regal Credit Management


If you have recently arrived in America or are planning to relocate soon, you may not have any established credit profile in the U.S. A lack of credit can cost you additional fees and difficulties obtaining credit cards, letting a flat, hiring a car and even acquiring a mobile phone. Regal Credit Management’s Credit Building Program can help you create a profile that will put you in the best position for future purchases and loans in as little as 90 days and can start before you move.
High net worth and high profile individuals are the most frequently targeted victims of identity theft. RCM puts a complete block on their credit profile which eliminates the possibility of a thief opening new fraudulent tradelines.
RCM has been very successful in restoring credit in the US by removing derogatory information on your (clients’) credit reports, including late payments, collections, public records, short sales, foreclosures, and loan modifications. This service is currently in it’s initial phase and we are looking forward to providing our clients with this in the near future.

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