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Having been appointed by no less than two U.S. Presidents, Dr. Lawrence F. Davenport has held dozens of private sector, non-profit, governmental, and academic C-level and other leadership posts. These include Assistant Secretary at the Department of Energy, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for the U.S. House of Representatives, Assistant Secretary at the United States Department of Education, CFO for the Milton Hershey School, CFO for the Seattle Public School, and Assistant Dean of the University of Michigan/Flint.

He is now Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Regal Financial NYC.

Helping people achieve goals that benefit the greater good has been the theme throughout Dr. Davenport’s impressive career. In the late 1990s, he owned and ran Davenport Group, a mortgage company in Pennsylvania. The experience has given him a foundation with which to leverage his clear leadership and operational skills. When the global sub-prime crisis descended, Dr. Davenport sprang to help out.

“To me, this work is as worthy as social work. Regal Financial is helping people correct mistakes—their own, and those of others. We are helping them to fulfill the American Dream—to own a home, start a business, or accomplish any other goal they want,” he says. In addition to his role at Regal, he is also Executive VP of a high-level executive search firm.


Dr. Davenport received his B.A. and first M.A. at Michigan State University. He earned an additional M.A. from Leicester University, England (performance management), and a Ph.D. in Education from Fairleigh Dickinson University (N.J.).

He has taught graduate courses at the University of Michigan, the University of Washington, and other prestigious universities. He serves as a member of the Advisory Board for the Financial Executive International (FEI) magazine.