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The financial crisis that hit America had a profound effect on many more than just the homeowners and businesses that faced turmoil and monetary despair; it was the driving force behind the career trajectory of one Anthony Davenport, financial literacy expert and founder and CEO of Regal Financial. As Manhattan’s largest credit management firm that has experienced frequent inclusion in a variety of top tier publications and outlets, Regal Financial creates result driven solutions for every client and is a proven industry leader.

Shortly after graduating from Washington State University with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts degree in Communications, Davenport was hired as a Loan officer by the Bank of America in Seattle Washington. His innate business acumen and ability to relate to people quickly catapulted him into the top 2 percentile of the Bank of America’s sales team and qualified him to be a member of the bank’s prestigious President’s Club.

Wanting to focus solely on mortgages, Davenport left Bank of America in June of 2003 to work as a Loan Officer in Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Dept. During his tenure, Davenport learned an invaluable level of information about credit scores, credit ratings and consumer financials of which laid the groundwork for his future entrepreneurial endeavors. He excelled within the mortgage loan business and quickly rose the ranks to accomplish the “Stagecoach” level of sales, which required originating a consistently high sales volume while maintaining a Five-Star customer satisfaction rating with more than 90% of clients.

Ironically, it was at this professional juncture that Davenport began to recognize the errors made, and misinformation reported by creditors and the credit reporting agencies. He became keenly aware of how these credit reports could adversely affect a person’s life. “The system is flawed,” says Davenport. “Creditors foot the bill for credit information – not individuals- so the bureaus have no incentive to fix your records.” Fueled by these injustices, Davenport began personally working with individuals to restore their credit, thus restoring the lives of the businesses and individuals he helped.

Through his efforts Davenport became passionate about building, managing and protecting consumer’s credit. “That’s why I founded Regal Financial,” states Davenport. “As a former mortgage originator, I understand how unfavorable credit—or no credit at all—can impact your livelihood. Whether caused by error, theft, or rookie mistakes, bad credit affects your ability to live life on your terms.”

In 2010, Davenport formally founded Regal Financial to directly have an impact on the financial portfolios of consumers and businesses alike. He has worked with many of the country’s top real estate professionals, professional athletes (NBA, NFL, and MLB), celebrities, and top financial professionals. With an advanced certification from FICO® and CDIA Davenport also conducts CLE for the New York County Lawyers Association, CPE for the New York State Society of CPA’s and teaches CE for real estate agents at the New York Real Estate Institute. He has appeared in several articles, been interviewed by Al Gore’s television station “Current TV,” and has recently had a client featured in the New York Times Real-Estate section.

Anthony Davenport’s hands on approach to working with every client and well documented sense of integrity has helped him build many valuable relationships throughout the industry. He continues to expand the services and repertoire of Regal Financial while developing a clear vision for its growth. Davenport’s capabilities have grown exponentially to include author, public speaker, financial literacy expert and consultant as he tackles the world of finance and provides an irrefutable service to the masses.