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Why Credit is Needed in the US

Credit Building

For many UK citizens relocating to the US, the realities of navigating the post-financial crisis world do not quite reflect the ideal way of thinking that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success through hard work and determination. Often, credit built in the UK does not transfer well to our shores, or the absence of a credit history may cause severe headaches—leaving these relocating citizens unable to pay for a car, a home, or any major investment by taking out a loan. Even renting a car, booking a hotel room, and acquiring mortgages.

Credit Protection

Yearly, over 15 million people are the victim of identity theft. Criminals use personal information that is usually found online to open new lines of credit in your name. We are able to help you protect your identity and ensure protection to the best of our abilities not to have you being victimised by such crimes.

How Our Services Work

Upon completion of our 90 day programme you will have an A+ credit rating (740 FICO score or above) and qualify for premium credit cards and lines at optimal rates – subject to income, employment and asset qualification.

A certified FICO® professional will do an in-depth analysis of your current credit situation to determine a personalised course of action based upon your goals.
We add you to our corporate history in order to show an established foundation to build upon.
We will open new credit accounts for you that will build your credit profile and history based upon your stated preferences.
We will provide complimentary credit monitoring during the process in order to gauge progress on your case.
The process will take 90 days to complete, afterward we will continue to be a resource to provide credit knowledge.


Simon Brady
Simon BradyFounder @ Anglia Advisors
Being a UK expat himself, he knows the financial challenges foreign nationals face when located in the US or relocating there. As founder of a financial planning firm in New York he is able to support our clients in asset management activities such as, building, securing and protecting personal financial futures. The services Simon offers are on a flat-fee and monthly retainer basis. Anglia Advisors aims to be a central personal finance and network resource for foreign nationals, either in the US or about to come over.
Lindsey Owen
Lindsey OwenFounder and Licensed Real Estate Broker @ NYLON Real Estate
In order to assist client’s through the process of relocating to the US, Regal has partnered with NYLON Real Estate. NYLON is a full-service real estate brokerage firm headed by seasoned broker, Lindsey Owen. Traveling frequently between New York and London, Lindsey is able to personally work with clients on both sides of the Atlantic offering elevated, concierge-style real estate services for discerning clients worldwide.
Lindsey’s first-hand knowledge of the challenges of moving to another city/country and past experience working with Regal make NYLON Real Estate uniquely qualified as the perfect partner for the new UK venture.

New York: +1 917 288 0749
London: +44 787680 8949

Robert Kane
Robert KaneVice President @ Meadowbrook Financial Mortgage Bankers
Mortgages are of key importance to most of Regal Credit Management’s clients, as it is one of the main reasons why our clients are in need of credit. Robert Kane is our expert in obtaining thirty-year mortgages for foreigners.

Phone: +516.316.2752